San Diego Multimedia Artist



S T A T E M E N T 

I explore societally what is woman's work and what is assumed as feminine. I expand on traditional fiber techniques to create innovative surface designs, wall sculpture, and wearables. I utilize techniques deemed women’s work, such as dyeing, crocheting, and hand embroidery on found, familial objects. I use heirlooms such as doilies and pearls due to the connotation they have to femininity and domesticity. I incorporate found and alternative materials and showcase the devaluation of objects made by women’s hands by embellishing and feminizing. I compare and contrast female gender roles today with those of the past by the abstraction of found objects and removing them from their original purpose.

B I O 

Jane Sparks was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She received a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies at Tyler School of Art. After graduating, Sparks participated in the inaugural Artist in Residence Program at her Alma Mater. She then worked in Free Peoples' Web Studio. She now works as a creative at Child of Wild. She lives in San Diego surrounded by glitter.

CV available upon request.